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Once a topic reserved for the nerdiest of nerds, Blockchain has made its way into everyday conversation, all over the world. Speculation as to where Bitcoin’s price could hit has become commonplace. Yet those in and around the Distributed Ledger Technology community are growing weary, if not a little worried. The concept behind Blockchain is undoubtedly brilliant, but the current technology has some serious drawbacks, bringing many to speculate that its technological saturation point may be nigh.

So what next for the cryptoworld? Hidden beneath the Blockchain-hype is a new form of Distributed Ledger Technology. A Blockchain without the blocks or the chains. A network without scalability issues, transaction fees, or miners.

It’s called the Tangle Network, and the team is focused on harnessing its potential to disrupt the already disruptive world of Distributed Ledger Technology. and the Iota Evangelist Network are launching their global meetup series titled ‘Blockchain, Tangle and Beyond’, focusing on some of the most cutting-edge themes, projects and technologies in the world of Distributed Ledger Technology.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, engineer or simply interested by the potential and hype surrounding DLT,’s events will surely spark deep interest, if not provide actual tangible value - such is the applicable nature of DLT. Meetups will feature industry professionals presenting innovative products and technologies, followed by Q&A sessions and some networking time (with lots of beer and snacks).’s first Meetup, ‘IOTA and its practical application in the automotive industry’, was held in Berlin last September in collaboration with MAKERS, and the response was overwhelming. Those present were treated to an introduction to IOTA by Andreas C. Osowski, an IOTA developer, and a detailed explanation on how innogy’s CarPass is using the IOTA protocol to define the future of mobility, presented by Carsten Stöcker, Senior Manager at innogy Innovation Hub.

There are several events planned for the coming months, taking the Meetup series to all four corners of the globe. The Blockchain, Tangel & Beyond team will begin their world-tour in X, travelling to Asia, Australia, Africa, North and South America and Europe - details of which can be found on the ‘Blockchain, Tangle and Beyond’ website.

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Our Meetups will feature industry professionals presenting innovative DLT-related products and technologies, followed by Q&A sessions (with lots of beer and pretzels). All Meetups will be recorded and shared on our YouTube channels.


The Tangle Network represents a new dawn for the cryptoworld. It removes the need for blocks and chains by operating on a Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG). In doing so, it becomes the first truly-decentralized DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) network to support zero-fee transactions, on an infinitely scalable, quantum-resistant network.

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We’ve been in the DLT space for over seven years and know the industry inside out. We’ve watched Bitcoin break the $1 mark, we’ve been intrigued by the concept of Ethereum, and now we’re excited by the potential of the Tangle Network. So if you are looking for a relevant interview Partner for your article, we can put you in touch!

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